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What Marketing Medium Works Best?

For the last few months we polled visitors to this blog as to what they believe to be the most effective medium is for marketing.  The overwhelming winner was direct mail campaigns.  It’s true that a direct mail campaign TARGETED TO AN ACCURATE DATABASE OF YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC is a pinpoint “sniper-like” shot at increasing market-share however; it’s not the end all be all – send it and they will come – magic marketing tool.

When developing a direct mail campaign these things need to be considered:

1.  We recommend a heavy stock 6×9 postcard opposed to anything in an envelope.  The retention rate of a professional design postcard piece is tremendously higher than anything else.

2.  If your piece is just a coupon “spiffer”, utilizing a service that bulks you in with everyone else is acceptable however; if you are a Business to Business operation or if your business wants the complete attention of individualism…do not use a mailing service that packs you with others.

3.  The database that you are sending to must target your demographic and must be accurate.

4.  A direct mailer is effective but only if you support it with other collateral, mediums and brand building techniques.

5.   A very effective direct mail campaign will just tease the prospect with some interesting facts or ideas.  At times in a simple question form and will direct them to your website.  At the website they can log in for a special offer thus giving you authorization to email them other marketing collateral.

Feel free to contact Frankenstein Design with questions, comments or if you would like to learn more about effective marketing campaigns at or 609-567-3577.

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“We Don’t Need a Website.”


A website is the world’s most effective use of money to purchase media in order to market to the masses.

The Internet functions 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has the most inexpensive and widespread marketing capabilities ever seen — period!

You also gain major credibility by having an Internet presence; effectively you can look like one of the big companies.

Also, being able to track your web activity provides a road map for an effective Marketing Campaign!

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Do All Companies Need to Market?

The short answer is..YES.

Imagine that you had a successful business for years.  During those years you were the only game in town.  Now, a new well marketed company begins to steal your clients.

Granted, if they do not provide the same level of service or quality as you did…your client will be back.  But, what if they do provide or surpass your levels.  YOUR BUSINESS CRUMPLES.

Professional marketing assistance keeps your company fresh and is constantly reinforcing your BRAND!

Most campaign budgets are 5%-7% of your Gross Sales.

A small price to pay to secure growth and longevity!

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