Campaign Components for Your NEW Business

ü      Logo Development


ü      Web Site w/ Domain Email


ü      Business Cards


ü      Typical Ad Design


ü      Direct Mail Postcards


ü      Apparel


ü      Promotional Items


ü      Tri-Folds


ü      Grand Opening Signage





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Excel in 2009

Despite what the so called “experts” are forecasting, 2009 can be your best year ever!

Be creative in your marketing efforts and you will excel when your competition is faltering.

Here are some tips for success:

  1. Know your demographic and consult with your agency to pinpoint the upper echelon prospects.  Access the quantity of prospects along with ROI ratios that are palatable.  Understand that there are campaigns that are designed for quick results and then there are longer lasting campaigns that are focused toward brand building.  YOU NEED BOTH TO BE SUCCESSFUL!
  2. Be aware of the obstacles that prohibit your prospects from working with you and address them in your marketing collateral.
  3. Never lose your prospect’s trust.
  4. Have your agency do quarterly marketing plans.  In these type of unpredictable market conditions, annual plans prove to be too static.
  5. Remember, that you need to seperate yourself from the pack.  That begins during the marketing process and continues with outrageous customer service.

Best wishes for 2009 and feel free to contact us at 609-567-3577 or with any marketing questions.

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What’s New At Frankenstein?

The Twinning Mosaic

The Twinning Mosaic

Frankenstein Design is becoming the one-stop shop for businesses and organizations that require marketing collateral and brand identity.

Currently, we have championed some of the most rewarding projects in the history of the company.

Our owner and founder, Frank Italiano, personally designed a mosiac for the Preserving Italian Heritage Foundation of Hammonton.  This Mosiac is proudly displayed in Hammonton’s new Town Hall.

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“We Don’t Need a Website.”


A website is the world’s most effective use of money to purchase media in order to market to the masses.

The Internet functions 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has the most inexpensive and widespread marketing capabilities ever seen — period!

You also gain major credibility by having an Internet presence; effectively you can look like one of the big companies.

Also, being able to track your web activity provides a road map for an effective Marketing Campaign!

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Do All Companies Need to Market?

The short answer is..YES.

Imagine that you had a successful business for years.  During those years you were the only game in town.  Now, a new well marketed company begins to steal your clients.

Granted, if they do not provide the same level of service or quality as you did…your client will be back.  But, what if they do provide or surpass your levels.  YOUR BUSINESS CRUMPLES.

Professional marketing assistance keeps your company fresh and is constantly reinforcing your BRAND!

Most campaign budgets are 5%-7% of your Gross Sales.

A small price to pay to secure growth and longevity!

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